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Can I get unwired

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The iburst wireless service also means that internet mobility is now possible not only inside the office, but nationwide!

iburst addons


modem antenna

External antennas are available and the bracket mounted directional antenna can be used with the Desktop(UTD) Modem. These antennas can be used to enhance weak RF signal at the edge of coverage areas. In areas where the is absolutely no coverage the antennas will not provide a signal. These retail at R399.

iBurst 4-port Broadband Router

broadband router

The basic idea behind a broadband router is to allow two or more computers to share internet connection using a technology called NAT (network address translation). With only a single IP address on the Internet, all of the computers in your home can be on the Internet at the same time. Additionally, NAT naturally acts as a rudimentary router firewall by masking the true IP address of our computer - thus helping to keep your systems safe from hackers. These retail at R499.

Wireless Broadband Router

wireless router

Add a wireless network to your iburst connection, allowing you to share your iburst connection wirelessly. With 4 wired ports and wireless capability, the wireless broadband router gives you the most freedom to connect to your iburst connection. These retail at R595.

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