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Can I get unwired

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iBurst gives you all the benefits of wireless broadband at a cheaper price than ADSL.

iburst packages

iBurst comes in a variety of packages including a choice of payment options (month-to-month or 2 year contract) and package sizes (see below for options). Now, that's true freedom.

finally, no more high phone bills!
Package Starta + Basic 2+ Playa 5+ Pro 10+ Max 25+
Data Included 500MB 2GB 5GB 10GB 25GB

12 Month contract with Free Modem
USB Modem R168 pm R197 pm R209 pm R258 pm R465 pm
Desktop Modem R238 pm R267 pm R279 pm R328 pm R535pm
2Mb Desktop Modem R388 pm R417 pm R429 pm R478 pm R685 pm
24 Month contract with Free Modem
USB Modem R108 pm R137 pm R149 pm R198 pm R445 pm
Desktop Modem R148 pm R177 pm R189 pm R238 pm R445 pm
2Mb Desktop Modem R228 pm R257 pm R269 pm R318 pm R525pm

Month to Month
With your choice of modem upfront R49 pm R98 pm R149 pm R198 pm R445 pm
USB Modem R2399 R2399 R2399 R2399 R2399
Desktop Modem R2499 R2499 R2499 R2499 R2499
2mbs Desktop Modem R4399 R4399 R4399 R4399 R4399

Pay per Use
Starta + R149 per GIG
Basic 2+ R119 per GIG
Playa 5+ R99 per GIG
Pro 10+ R69 per GIG
Max 25+ R59 per GIG

Modem Costs
Desktop - Laptop - USB Modems
Desktop Modem
USB Modem
* Desktop Modem - Retail - R2499
USB Modem - Retail - R1699

Wireless Broadband Router with 4 port switch - connect more than 1 PC to the network modem  R595 
Onsite Technical Support  - Contact us for a quote  
External Antennas
Omni Antenna with a 5m cable R399
iPanel Antenna for Desktop modems R550

Each iBurst Wireless package includes:
Free delivery and activation within 48 hours
Free iBurst mailbox with 5 aliases
Free Fax2Email service
Free data carry-over
VAT - All prices include VAT.
Stock Availability – offers are subject to stock availability.
First payment - The first payment for a newly activated subscriber will be debited within two working
    days of contract activation.
Activation Fee - Subscriptions are subject to a once-off activation fee of R99.
Terms and Conditions apply
E&OE (Errors and Omissions Excepted).

Reached your data limit ?
You have 2 options :
Top up your bandwidth with a Bandwidth Booster. These allow you to buy bundles of extra bandwidth for less. 
Opt out of PPU, which means your service will be throttled or capped unless you purchase a Bandwidth Booster

  1. The total bundle is comprised of Anytime and Midnight 2 Morning data. Midnight 2 Morning data is classified as data only available to be used between 12am to 8am. Anytime data can be used at anytime of the day or night even when the Midnight 2 Morning data has been used up
  2. Modems included on 24 and 36 months contracts only. Available as paid for option on 12 months contract at discounted rates. Subscribers to the Basic 2+ package enjoy discounted modem pricing on contract.
  3. Wi-Fi Hotspot router included on 24 and 36 months contracts only
  4. Data carried over to the following month will be limited to twice the Anytime data allocation for which the Subscriber has signed up.
  5. Upon reaching the data limit/cap for the month, the Subscriber will be required to top up with Bandwidth Boosters in order to continue normal service on a capped package. To experience uncapped service, the Subscriber can pay a monthly fee for Uncapped @ up to 64kbps or Uncapped @ up to 128kbps on packages of 1GB and upward, subject to a Fair Usage policy. Uncapped packages have 24hr Boosters allowing maximum connection speed where a subscriber has exceeded Fair Usage. 24hr Boosters on the other packages allow 24hrs of Uncapped access that does not touch your data cap.
  6. Static IP is available as an add on to all iBurst Wireless packages.
  7. A complete fax rates schedule can be viewed at
  8. The monthly fee includes free calls to other iCall Subscribers. A complete rates schedule can be viewed at iCal is available as a standalone option which means that a subscriber to iCall does not need an iBurst wireless account. Regardless of your ISP, you can sign up for iBurst's iCall as long as you have an internet connection and the hardware if required.
  9. The Subscriber must comply with RICA requirements, please contact us on 0877 20 20 20 if you have not complied. The Subscriber is hereby advised that he/she/it will be personally liable for not complying.
  10. Data transfer rates are not guaranteed and are dependent on the network availability and utilisation.
  11. Subscription subject to a once-off Activation fee of R99.
  12. The first payment for a newly activated Subscriber will be debited within two working days of contract activation.
  13. All prices include VAT.
  14. All prices effective 1 October 2011 and subject to stock availability.
  15. Packages will be received by 17H00 on the next working day to main centres once all documents have been received. Express, stand alone accessory and outlying deliveries will be charged for.

  • Wireless Broadband Router with 4 port switch - easily connect more than 1 PC to the network modem - R595
  • Onsite Technical Support - contact us for a quote
External Antennas